New garage construction starts at $10,999!

There are many different types of foundation systems to choose from when building a garage. Some people are familiar with different types, and some are not. The foundation choice you make should depend on the type of building, the size of the building, and what function you want the building to serve.

This first blog discusses the block foundation. This classic foundation is durable, is always permitted by code in our area, and is flexible in design to meet any grade issues or strength issue you may have. It has for years been regarded as the gold standard when done properly, but it usually carries the largest price tag of garage foundations.

One Day Recommends this foundation system for three very popular scenarios when building. Number one, any garage that is attached to a dwelling (home) should be designed in the same fashion as the house it attaches to. It most areas code requires it, but not all. A continuous footer will behave in the same ways during the freeze/thaw cycle as the block it is attached to. Connected roof lines will not shift or move independently to cause unwanted leaks. And the building itself can be adjusted to almost any height to allow for wall attachments and roof lines to meet in the most attractive way and not be problematic for the carpenters or the homeowner.

Number two, cases in which the inside concrete floor height is very different than the surrounding backfilled grade of the building. For example, if where your building is built slopes more than a foot or two to the rear, to the front, or side to side, your back filled building is going to need dug out or filled in. This difference in pressure causes reinforcement to be needed. Sometimes the strength of the block itself is enough. Often times coring and rebar are required. The Lego-like stacking of block with hollow cores that can be reinforced allow this foundation to function at any level. In addition, varying size of the block is also available in more extreme cases.

Third, if your garage is to have any brick or stone accents other than composite materials, the block foundation works as also a ledge for future brick or stonework.

If you have questions about different foundation options, please feel free to call the office. We would love to answer your questions.