New garage construction starts at $10,999!

Garage Building 101

Not sure where or how to start your garage project? No problem! We will walk you through it step by step. If you have any questions or are ready to start building your garage, call us at 800-228-1329 to set up a free consultation.

Step 1

Determine Garage Size

Decide what you want to store in your new garage. Take a measurement of how many square feet those items take up. Figure that each car/truck will require a space of about 8’ wide by 20’ deep. This will give you the approximate dimensions that you will need. For example, let’s say you have two cars, a riding lawn mower and 200 square feet of boxes that average 24” high; you would need a garage that is 24’ wide x 24’ deep at a minimum.

Step 2

Measure Property

Next, measure the area in your yard or on your property where you want to locate the garage. Make sure that it will fit in the space you designate without any obstructions like power lines, sewer lines, trees, sheds, decks and so on. If there are obstructions, arrange to have them removed or relocated, or ask us to give a quote on removing them for you.

Step 3

Call Us

Now, you are ready to call One Day Garages at 800-228-1329 for a free quote! We will be happy to review all of your options and get pricing on everything you want based on your budget.

Step 4

Create a Plat Map

Once a firm budget is in place, it’s time to make a “Plat Map.” Insert a stake in the ground at the four corners of the building location you have chosen and create a drawing of your property that shows the overall property dimensions. (If you are unsure of your property dimensions, you may be able to find them on the website for your county auditor, or you can have a survey done.) On the drawing, show the proposed garage location and measurements from the new garage to the property lines and the existing house. A Plat Map may be required by your local zoning department before they will issue you a permit.

Step 5

Contact Your Zoning Office

You are now ready to contact your local zoning department, They will tell you if you can build the garage that you have chosen in the location and in the design/style that you want based on ordinances in your community. They will also tell you if your municipality requires any permits such as demolition, gutter and downspout, architectural review, flood zone determination and others. If your city or municipality tells you that the garage options you want are not typically allowed in your area, don’t panic. This just means that you will need to apply for a special zoning permit called a variance. A variance meeting will be held at which the zoning board will notify your closest neighbors to the property where the building will be constructed of your plans. Typically, if none of those neighbors has a problem with it, a variance permit will be issued and you are then cleared to build the structure that you want.

Step 6

Get Building Permit

Once you have acquired your zoning permit, you are ready to apply for a building permit. Some municipalities maintain their own building department, which will typically be housed with the zoning department. Other municipalities defer all building permitting to the county in which you live. In any case, you will take a blueprint that we create for you along with your zoning permit in to the building permit office and fill out a form with your information. The building permit office will review the blueprints and call you when the permit is ready to be picked up. You will be required to display this permit in a front window of your house.

Step 7

Let Us Handle the Rest!

After all permits have been secured, you are ready to begin demolition or construction. Call us with the building permit number and we will schedule the garage to be built, along with any necessary inspections throughout the building process.